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At Agile Networks your safety is an important thing and its important for us to review the 911 features of Infinity Hosted PBX and VoIP services.  The Infinity VoIP 911 dialing feature must be activated in order to use the services at all times.  Its easy, youll just provide us with the current information needed to alert any emergency services to your location/locations when your services are configured.  Once you’re an existing customer you will have the ability to update this yourself anytime through the Customer Portal.

Traveling with E911

Unlike traditional phone lines, you can move your Infinity Hosted PBX phone and VoIP services anywhere with a broadband connection and make calls.  For 911, we use the phone number you present as Caller ID from the phone you are dialing off of and the address associated with that number to route your call to the correct location.  When you move or travel with your Infinity VoIP phone or services you must update your E911 location in advance.  We will notify you via email confirmation that your service is active for E911 dialing at your current location.



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