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  What is the Infinity Hosted PBX?

Infinity Hosted PBX is a remotely installed VoIP phone system that provides similar features as traditional phone systems that businesses have been spending lots of money on for years without all of the really expensive hardware and maintenance costs.  Unlike traditional PBX equipment, Infinity Hosted PBX makes advanced business technology available even for smaller businesses.  Infinity Hosted PBX provides advanced call routing features without you needing the technical side because we are hosting the solution and taking care of that for you.

Just like a traditional PBX the Infinity Hosted PBX offers advanced features such as:

ACD – Automatic Call Distribution:

Have a Sales or Customer Service department?  ACD allows you to route calls automatically and efficiently between employees working in a particular department or group.  No longer have your customers answered and put on hold only to have employees try and figure who was next.  Let the Infinity Hosted PBX ACD solution do it for you.  In addition, now you can run reports to get detailed call information about inbound and outbound calls.  This allows you to intelligently staff your organization for the times you are the busiest and properly attend to your customers.

Automated Attendant :

Ever wanted a system to answer your calls and let you choose from a list of employees or departments?  Let our built in, robust Auto Attendant answer your calls all day/night or just when you can’t answer them live.  It’s a great solution to ensure your customers are always attended to.  Choose between multiple menu options along with different greetings for time of day and day of week.  It’s easy and all controllable through the Customer Portal.

Conference Bridge :

Always wanted to have a conference where your customers or employees could dial in to meet you, but thought it was only for those bigger companies?  With Infinity VoIP solutions you have a built in Conference Bridge you can access at any time.  So whether you want to make a collaboration call with your employees or customers use our bundled solution to make it all come together without excessive fees.

All of these great features and more are available to you through Infinity Hosted PBX.  How do we do it?  All you need is your existing broadband Internet connection and exceed your expectations for what your business communications can do for you.




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